Mistral is a first class linen quality, which can be personalized by adding a hint of colour.

In its pure appearance Mistral consists of 2 types of linen which together create a refined look of ‘joie de vivre’ and abundance you will only experience with linen. Natural, playful. Its colours referring to shells, sand, pebbles and olives... wonderfully tone in tone.

Mistral 190010
Mistral 190020
Mistral 190040
Mistral 190050
Mistral 190070
Mistral 190090
Mistral 190100
Collection name: Mistral
Technique: tufted
Material: 95% linen/5% wool
Pile height: 14/28/48 mm
Pile weight: 2220-3300 g/m2
Carte blanche: colour, form and size individual