The highly refined Caméléon collection has the same properties as its animal namesake: it changes colour!

Subtle or distinct, the unique colour changes can appear in various directions and forms, so can be chosen in optimal harmony with the interior.

Caméléon 330020
Caméléon 330030
Caméléon 330040
Caméléon 330050
Caméléon 330060
Caméléon 330070
Caméléon 330080
Caméléon 330090
Caméléon 330100
Caméléon 330110
Caméléon 330130
Caméléon 330120
Collection name: Caméléon
Technique: cut pile
Material: 100% New Zealand wool
Pile height: 6*/16/20/25/45 mm [*loop pile]
Pile weight: 1600-4500 g/m2
Carte blanche: 6 designs- colour, form and size individual