This new collection finds its origin in the Byzantine architecture and more specific in the Spanish Alhambra.

The 100% Merino wool patterned rugs are available in 4 designs;  the star pattern closest to the Alhambra origin, the other 3 derivatives . The 4 designs all have a fond, a basis [coloured pattern]  and an effect [colour]. The effect will be  random  and only partly tufted. The 16 mm pile gives the rug its luxurious, velvet-like character. Since 2018 BYZANCE is also available in 45 mm pile height. The collection encloses 15 standard colours.
A real Dutch design development, making thankfully use of the factory’s techniques.

Byzance 770010
Byzance 770020
Byzance 770030
Byzance 770040
Byzance 770050
Byzance 770060
Byzance 770070
Byzance 770080
Byzance 770090
Byzance 770100
Byzance 770110
Byzance 770120
Byzance 770130
Byzance 770140
Byzance 770150
Collection name: Byzance
Technique: cut pile
Material: 100% new Zealand wool
Pile height: 16 mm
Pile weight: 3100 gr/m2
Carte blanche: patterns- colour, form and size individual

Byzance collection

  • Patterned rugs is a new chapter for Carpet Sign; We lost our virginity, we started with patterns, being complementary to the existing collection.
  • Design is associated with luxurious, cosmopolitan, architectural digest.
  • Inspired by the abundance of colours and shapes & rythms of the Moorish tiles in the spanish Alhambra and the portuguese Azulejos, we looked for patterns matching contemporary, luxurious interiors;
  • A touch of traditional craft, a touch of AD, a touch of traditional tufting technique: tradition translated to present-day design.
  • Timeless design with a twist by subtile, random colour adds in the overtuft part.

Fond – Basis - Effect

The 4 designs all have a fond, a basis and an effect. The basis is the over all design, the effects will only be tufted partly. It looks like a random design but this is a standard pattern.

The designs have a fixed centre. From there the sizes will be scaled.