With '8beaufort'and '16beaufort' strength will be  blown into the Carpet Sign collection!.

Beaufort is made out of high tenacity polyester sailing rope. The collection is applicable both INDOOR AND OUTDOOR. Colours vary from daring Neon to more serene colours. The strong characteristics of  Beaufort combined with its custom made dimensions make the collection very much suitable for residential and architectural projects.

Beaufort 440030
Beaufort 440040
Beaufort 440050
Beaufort 440060
Beaufort 440070
Beaufort 440090
Beaufort 440120
Beaufort 440130
Beaufort 440140
Beaufort 440150
Beaufort 440160
Beaufort 440170
Collection name: Beaufort
Technique: tufted
Material: 100% ht-polyester
Pile height: 8/16 mm
Pile weight: 2500-3800 g/m2
Carte blanche: form and size individual, IN- and OUTDOOR USE