Collection name Bandoleo is a corruption of and a referral to the ‘Bandoneon’, an accordion-like music instrument, designed by Heinrich Band from Konzertina Germany in 1854. The Bandoneon has an extremely long windbag, being ‘broken’ on the knee by its player to achieve very fierce accents. The sound of the bandoneon is warm and woolly which makes the instument very appropriate for melancholic music like the Tango.

A large similarity between Carpet Sign and the Bandoneon lies in the fact that every single instrument is unique due to the large amount of handicraft by which the bandoneons are made. The Bandoleo rug meets the form of the bandoneon.

Bandoleo 660010
Bandoleo 660020
Bandoleo 660030
Bandoleo 660040
Bandoleo 660050
Bandoleo 660060
Bandoleo 660070
Bandoleo 660080
Bandoleo 660090
Collection name: Bandoleo
Technique: tufted
Material: 100% cotton/100% viscose/50-50% mix
Pile height: 20 mm
Pile weight: cotton 3500 gr/m2 - viscose 6000gr/m2 - 50/50% mix 4750 gr/m2
Carte blanche: material choice & positions within 1 colour