3D Surfaces

‘Surfaces’ is a unique 3D collection. A high tech development with great character.

The [loop pile] collection consists of a wool/viscose combination: the basis is made out of a semi-worsted yarn; the viscose is used as a bright effect yarn.

Due to the differences in height of the 3D parts in the rug, thrilling shadows occur. This, in combination with the radiant viscose gives the rug a vivid and unique appearance.

see it – touch it  - feel it!

3D Surfaces - Bars
3D Surfaces - Braille
3D Surfaces - Cellular
3D Surfaces - Croco
3D Surfaces - Lobelia
3D Surfaces - Logo
3D Surfaces - Metal
3D Surfaces - Sahara
3D Surfaces - Scales
Collection name: 3D Surfaces
Technique: tufted – loop pile
Material: 65% wool / 35% viscose
Pile height: 8-20mm
Pile weight: 2350-3600 gr/m²
Carte blanche: custom made colours possible